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202303.10 外国語での緊急対応コミュニケーション(第17回人間脳科学セミナー) Posted in お知らせ

緊急時に情報を伝える脳内プロセスは母語と外国語でどう違うのでしょう。その過程は伝える内容の難易度にどう影響を受けるのでしょう。第17回人間脳科学セミナーでは、外国語教育が専門のAndrea Revesz教授(ロンドン大学)に、その最新の脳科学知見をご紹介いただきます(セミナーは英語です)。(杉浦)

17th Human Brain Science Seminar

Date/Time: March 10th, 2023 / 15:30-17:00
Venue: Dept. Human Brain Science, IDAC, Tohoku University
Neuro-cognitive correlates of speech production in crisis settings: Effects of language and task complexity
Prof. Andrea Revesz (UCL, UK)
At the time of global crises, the ability to speak a second language (L2) has never been more important to enable communication across countries and continents. Nevertheless, little research has investigated how L2 users’ ability to communicate may be affected under conditions of emergency and disaster (i.e., making decisions in the L2 under pressure). Also, the few studies that have examined L2 speech production processes have exclusively employed behavioural methods. I will report on a project in which we intended to help fill this gap through combining behavioural and neural measures of speech production to investigate the neuro-cognitive processes underlying pauses in speaking. In particular, we considered how language (first versus second language) and the cognitive demands of tasks may influence the speech processes associated with silent pausing. Our results revealed that the two types of data sources provide complimentary insights, yielding a fuller and more valid picture of the speech production process.


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