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Where value comes from?

The brain integrates various sensory inputs and evaluates the item or environment by referring to knowledge and memory, but the process is still full of mysteries. Various behavioral experiments and neural measurements have revealed the mysterious reality.

202103.09 Neural Mechanisms of Job Value Posted in RESEARCH

Career choices affect not only our financial status but also our future well-being. When making these choices, individuals evaluate their willingness to obtain a job (i.e., job values), primarily driven by simulation of future pay and interest. Despite the importance of these decisions, their underlying neural mechanisms remain unclear. In this study, we examined the neural representation of pay and interest. Participants were presented with 80 job names and asked to evaluate their job values while undergoing functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). The fMRI data revealed that the ventral and dorsal regions of the posterior cingulate cortex (PCC) were associated with pay and interest representations, respectively. The result was published in Cerebral Cortex Communications (Matsuura).