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Where value comes from?

The brain integrates various sensory inputs and evaluates the item or environment by referring to knowledge and memory, but the process is still full of mysteries. Various behavioral experiments and neural measurements have revealed the mysterious reality.

202103.17 Exploring the Brain Mechanism of Evacuation Decision-Making (Symposium) Posted in RESEARCH

Is there an appropriate way to present information to facilitate residents' appropriate evacuation? We are working on elucidating the brain processes by which disaster information promotes emergency evacuation decision-making. I am participating in a project to improve disaster prevention literacy in “the Second Research Program on Earthquakes and Volcanoes to Contribute to Disaster Mitigation” and am promoting “Research on the Psychological and Behavioral Characteristics of Individuals Involved in Disasters and their Evaluation, Utilization, and Adjustment.” We reported the progress of our research at the FY2020 symposium. (Sugiura)