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MonthlyFOctober 2023

202310.24 The Learning of Phonological-Based Linguistic Categories: An fMRI Study (Poster Presentation) Posted in RESEARCH

Learning a second language requires not just learning abstract grammatical rules, but rules that rely on language-specific conceptual information. However, previous studies have explored only the learning of abstract grammar rules, and there are little studies investigating the diverse set of grammar rules that rely on phonological knowledge to categorize. Therefore, it is unclear the brain areas involved in learning these phonological-based rules such as nominal classification rules. In an fMRI study, we found that learning phonological nominal classification rules engages areas related to phonological processing (left superior temporal gyrus) in conjunction with rule-learning based areas (left inferior frontal gyrus). I presented the finding of our study at the Meeting of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language 2023. The venue was located at the Palais du Faro in Marseille, France, with a beautiful view overlooking the sea. URL: