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202310.13 Farewell party for Takamatsu San & Celebration of completing the Master degree Posted in EVENT

We held the farewell party for Takamatsu San. We would like to appreciate Takamatsu San for his kindness and support towards us. 
Also we celebrated the Master Degree completion ceremony for Nakanishi San(M2,Graduate School of Medicine) & Victoria-Anne San(M2, International Graduate Program in Language Sciences). 
While we were having the Sendai beef Lunchbox and Vegetarian Lunchbox, we also had conservations about their future plans and their favorite acitivities. 

Thank You So Much for supporting us in the most important time, Takamatsu San. Please enjoy. 
Congratulations to Nakanishi San and Victoria-Ann San.Looking forward to your Success. 
(Shirahama,Yichuan,Yin May)