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202206.30 Welcome & Farewell Party ( Hybird ) Posted in EVENT

On 30th June, we held a semi-online welcome party for the five new members of Sugiura lab, Liu Yuyong, Kazuya Takahashi, Xu Yumeng, Kei Takahashi, and Aki Shoda, as well as the farewell party for Yumi Hamamoto and Cui Haining. 

We had an in-person celebration for the first time in the last two years, talking about various exciting topics. Especially about the images of the lab before joining and now, things they are looking forward to in the new chapter, and their future's goals and ambitions. We had a friendly talk while having the desserts with coffee and tea.  

May you have great achievements in the new step of your life. 
(Chunlin, Yin May, Morizane)