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Monthly:March 2023

202303.09 Eye-tracking as a research and pedagogical tool (Colloquium Series, GSICS) Posted in INFORMATION

In the field of second language acquisition, it is assumed that, to optimize development, attention needs to be drawn to linguistic features. This lecture by Prof. Andrea Revesz addresses capability of eye-tracking as a pedagogical tool to initiate focus on form. Registration is required at the URL below. (Jeong)

9th 2022-2023 Colloquium Series, GSICS, Tohoku University

■ Speaker: Professor Andrea Révész (University College London)
■ TITLE: Using eye-tracking as a research and pedagogical tool: Insights from research on focus on form 
■ Date/Time: 2023/03/09 Thursday 18:00-19:30 (in-person lecture)
■ Venue: Multimedia Research and Education Complex, 6th Floor Hall
東北大学マルティメディア6階 大ホール