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202302.15 Two aspects of praise (Paper publication) Posted in RESEARCH

 In daily life, there are two types of "praise": "sincere praise" and "flattery". In many fields, the difference and equivalence of these two effects have been discussed and the conclusions have been divided. In addition, individual differences have not been taken into consideration.
 Therefore, we evaluated the brain activity when receiving each type of praise using fMRI. As a result, it was found that "sincere praise" activates the "reward system" more and has higher reward value compared to "flattery". However, individuals with a strong "praise-seeking" trait tend to show a decrease in the activity of the parietal cortex, when receiving sincere praise for low performance, suggesting that there are individual differences in how people perceive and react to praise. For more information, please see "Sincere praise and flattery: reward value and association with the praise-seeking trait" published in Frontier in Human Neuroscience.(Fujiwara)

I am very happy to see my undergraduate research come to fruition.
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