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List of events

Human-Centered Approach to Disaster Resilience (US-Japan Workshop)Posted in EVENT


What kind of interdisciplinary approach/research infrastructure is needed to more accurately capture


Neurocognition of Social Learning of Second Language: invited talk at Zhejiang UniversityPosted in EVENT


I gave a talk at Zhejiang University in China on my recent work on a neurocognitive model of social


Brain science to stimulate motivation (Conference lecture)Posted in EVENT


Motivation in the brain is expressed in brain activity as expectations in the reward system and voli


Utilizing human brain science for the development of product and service (Online lecture for companies)Posted in EVENT


By visualizing the cognitive processes in the brain, the mystery of human mind and behavior will be


Welcome party for two undergraduate students for their training courses (semi-online) Posted in EVENT


We held a semi-online welcome party for two new members of Sugiura lab, Mr. Tetsunosuke Kikuchi and


Welcome & Farewell Party ( Hybird ) Posted in EVENT


On 30th June, we held a semi-online welcome party for the five new members of Sugiura lab, Liu Yuyon


Welcome・Farewell・Celebration Party held onlinePosted in EVENT


To welcome Victoria-anne Flood joining the lab from this March, and farewell for Tanabe sensei and H


Medical School Student Research Award 2021, Tohoku UniversityPosted in EVENT


I have received  Medical School Student Research Award, Tohoku University for my research and i


Welcome and Consolation Party (Online)Posted in EVENT


We held an online welcome party for Ms. Yin May Zin Han and Ms. Ayaka Morizane, who joined Sugiura l


Three Tips for Mobilizing People (Forum Keynote Speech)Posted in EVENT


What kind of hints can brain research give us for realizing safety? We discussed training that leads