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List of events

Participated in the IDAC Sports Event in 2023Posted in EVENT


We participated in the IDAC sports event in 2023. This year's event was volleyball, and six of u


Interdisciplinary Cognitive Neuroscience for Extending Healthy Lifespan (Symposium)Posted in EVENT


How can cognitive neuroscience contribute to interdisciplinary research to extend healthy lifespan?


Innovative Approaches in Language Acquisition: Integrating Brain and Eye-Tracking Measurements(Human Brain Science Seminar)Posted in EVENT


The 19th Human Brain Science Seminar will feature two internationally renowned young researchers, fo


Distinguished Lecture at PolyU (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)Posted in EVENT


I delivered an invited talk at Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), where I introduced my previ


Farewell party for Takamatsu San & Celebration of completing the Master degree Posted in EVENT


We held the farewell party for Takamatsu San. We would like to appreciate Takamatsu San for his kind


Welcome party for new membersPosted in EVENT


We held a welcome party for new members of Sugiura Lab: Guan-san, Chen-san, Karube-san, (Yaegashi-sa


Network and dynamic analysis of fMRI time series (18th Human Brain Science Seminar)Posted in EVENT


The human mind and behavior are realized by the combination of local brain functions, and the develo


Possibilities for the study of brain functions in language, cognition, and emotion (Symposium)Posted in EVENT


How can we provide neuroscientific evidence for humanistic knowledge? A symposium exploring the poss


The Interface of Spirituality and Brain Research (Symposium)Posted in EVENT


The potential of brain research for deeper understanding and better practice of spirituality were di


Adaptation of "self" to AI society (Symposium)Posted in EVENT


How will the ongoing rapid technological expansion beyond human knowledge, such as artificial intell