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Achievements (last one year)

Academic Papers(peer reviewed)


Toshiki Saito*, Kosuke Motoki, Rui Nouchi, Motoaki Sugiura.

Facilitating animacy perception by manipulating stimuli exposure time.

Frontiers in Psychology, 2023; 13:1017685.


Yutaka Matsuzaki*, Ryo Ishibashi, Mari Yasuda, Azumi Tanabe-Ishibashi, Akio Honda, Tsuneyuki Abe, Motoaki Sugiura.

Does the eight-factor gpower to liveh in disaster exist since childhood?

Frontiers in Public Health, 2022;10:1022939.


Yumi Hamamoto*, Yukiko Takahara, Kelssy Hitomi dos Santos KawataTatsuo Kikuchi, Shinsuke Suzuki, Ryuta Kawashima, Motoaki Sugiura

The effect of action contingency on social perception is independent of person-like appearance and is related to deactivation of the frontal component of the self-agency network

Scientific Reports, 2022; 12: 17326.


Motoaki Sugiura.

Adaptability, supernaturalness, and the neurocognitive basis of the self-transcendence trait: Toward an integrated framework through disaster psychology and a self-agency model.

Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 2022G16F943809.


Keiyu Niikuni*, Miho NakanishiMotoaki Sugiura.

Intentional binding and self-transcendence: Searching for pro-survival behavior in sense-of-agency.

Consciousness and Cognition, 2022; 102: 103351.


Natasha Y. Kawata*, Rui Nouchi*, Kentaro Oba, Yutaka Matsuzaki, Ryuta Kawashima.

Auditory cognitive training improves brain plasticity in the healthy older adults: Evidence from a randomized controlled trial

Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 2022; 14: 826672.


Kazuya Saito, Haining Cui, Yui Suzukida, Diego Elisandro Dardon, Yuichi Suzuki, Hyeonjeong Jeong, Andrea Revesz, Motoaki Sugiura, Adam Tierney.

Does domain-general auditory processing uniquely explain the outcomes of second language speech acquisition, even once cognitive and demographic variables are accounted for? 

Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 2022; 1-13.


Kentaro Oba, Koji Hamada, Azumi Tanabe-Ishibashi, Fumihiko Murase, Masaaki Hirose, Ryuta Kawashima, Motoaki Sugiura*.

Neural Correlates Predicting Lane-Keeping and Hazard Detection: An fMRI Study Featuring a Pedestrian-Rich Simulator Environment

Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 2022; 16: 754379.

Conference Presentation


Yi Ding, Kentaro Oba, Ryo Ishibashi, Shinsuke Suzuki, Motoaki Sugiura

The neural correlate of self-evaluation and their correlations with social acceptance and rejection

Society for Neuroscience 2022, San Diego, USA.y Poster z


Yumi Hamamoto, Kentaro Oba, Ryo Ishibashi, Yi Ding, Rui Nouchi, Motoaki Sugiura

Mirror exposure intervention improved an activation in the left superior parietal lobule: preliminary results from a randomized controlled trial

Neuroscience 2022, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, USAy Poster z


Andrea Révész, Hyeonjeong Jeong, Shungo Suzuki, Haining Cui, Shunsui Mastuura, Kazuya Saito, Motoaki Sugiura

The neural correlates of mid- and end-clause silent pauses in L2 speech

American Association for Applied Linguistics Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, Unite States. March 19-22, 2022y Oral z

Other Academic Activities


Motoaki Sugiura.

Questionnaire for power to live with disasters: from social survey to neuroimaging.

Congress 2022 gThe Structure of Credition. Methods, methodology and assessmenth, Franziskanerkloster Graz, Graz, Austria.y Invited z


Motoaki Sugiura.

Towards Interdisciplinary Cognitive Neuroscience.

CCM Research Seminar, University College London, London, UK.y Invited Seminar z


Motoaki Sugiura.

(untitled opinion paper)

Human-Centered Approach to Disaster Resilience (US-Japan Workshop), Online. y Workshop z


Hyeonjeong Jeong 

​​​​​​​Neurocognition of Social Learning of Second Language

The school of international studies, Zhejiang University y Invited Seminar z


Taira Tokumasu, Motoaki Sugiura, Takafumi Morita, Kazuki Okui, Yozo Taniyama.

Anxiety reduction effect of online passive listening of Sutra Chanting in high-anxiety individuals.

The Joint International Symposium on "Health and Well-Being", Sendai International Center, Sendai, Japan.y Poster z


Hyeonjeong Jeong

Social Learning and Experience Alter the Brain

the Social and Cognitive Psychology Laboratory (LAPSCO) at the University of Clermont-Auvergne, CNRS, France.y Invited Seminar z