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Where value comes from?

The brain integrates various sensory inputs and evaluates the item or environment by referring to knowledge and memory, but the process is still full of mysteries. Various behavioral experiments and neural measurements have revealed the mysterious reality.

201703.13 Consumer Behavior, Hormones, and Neuroscience: Integrated Understanding of Fundamental Motives Why We Buy (Paper accepted) Posted in RESEARCH

Our new survey article was just accepted in Psychologia (a special issue in consumer neuroscience). Consumer behaviors are shaped by fundamental motives. It has been argued that each fundamental motive may be based on qualitatively different cognitive and neural systems. However, it has not been directly examined. By taking steroid sex hormones as examples, we offered an alternative perspective that at least three fundamental motives (status attainment, mate attraction, and mate retention) may be explained by common cognitive and neural mechanisms. These consumer behaviors may be commonly explained by social motivations/vigilance (amygdala) and reward processing (reward-related brain regions).(Motoki)