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Where value comes from?

The brain integrates various sensory inputs and evaluates the item or environment by referring to knowledge and memory, but the process is still full of mysteries. Various behavioral experiments and neural measurements have revealed the mysterious reality.

202208.30 What kind of brain activation represents the feeling of being overweight? (Preprint release) Posted in RESEARCH

When we think we are overweight, two factors are related; how we perceive our body size estimate accurately, and how we think our body size is different from our ideal body sizes. However, it remained unclear that what kind of brain activation relates to the degrees of these body estimation accuracy and the gap between self and ideal bodies.  We found that brain activation related to attention processing was correlated with the degree of body estimation accuracy, while activation in brain regions related to thinking of others’ thoughts was correlated with the degree of the gap between self and ideal bodies. We reported these data in the preprint. (Hamamoto)