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Where value comes from?

The brain integrates various sensory inputs and evaluates the item or environment by referring to knowledge and memory, but the process is still full of mysteries. Various behavioral experiments and neural measurements have revealed the mysterious reality.

202112.02 The Two Sides of Praise (Preprint Release) Posted in RESEARCH

There is "praise" in our daily life, including two types: sincere praise and flattery. In many fields, the difference and equivalence of the effects of the two have been discussed and conclusions have been divided. In addition, individual differences in the effects of praise have rarely been taken into account. In the current fMRI study, we investigated brain activity when receiving sincere praise or flattery, while focusing on individual differences in "praise seeking" trait. Sincere praise activated the reward system in the brain more than flattery. On the other hand, people with a high "praise seeking" showed a decreased activity in the intraparietal sulcus, which controls attention, when they received sincere praise for low performance. These results suggest that although sincere praise has a higher reward value, people with the strong  "praise seeking" perceive sincere praise with suppressive attitude.(Fujiwara)