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202206.30 Determinants of residents' pre-event evacuation intention for Nankai Trough Earthquake Extra Information (Preprint Release) Posted in RESEARCH

The pre-event evacuation of residents for a week based on the Nankai Trough Earthquake Extra Information is an innovative attempt to apply the latest findings of seismology to disaster prevention. Preprints of the analysis results of the web survey data on the determinants of residents' evacuation intentions are now available. This research was supported by the SECOM Science and Technology Foundation for "Development of a Support Package for Organizational Response Planning at the Announcement of Advance Information on Nankai Trough Earthquake" (Representative: Yo Fukushima, Associate Professor, International Research Institute of Disaster Science, Tohoku University).(Sugiura)
Hirano, K., Fukushima, Y., Maruya, H., Kido, M., & Sugiura, M. (2022, June 30). The anticipated Nankai Trough earthquake and tsunami in Japan: Determinant factors of residents’ pre-event evacuation intentions.