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MonthlyFApril 2022

202204.27 Does domain-general auditory processing uniquely explain the outcomes of second language speech acquisition? (Paper publication on Japan-UK joint project) Posted in RESEARCH

Most people find that learning a foreign language is not easy. To explore the most effective and efficient way to learn a foreign language, a team of second language acquisition researchers and brain scientists in UK and Japan had come together to launch a novel collaboration in 2019 (Project). We had collaborated through a series of seminars and research meetings in each country (Past activities are available on YouTube). Although face-to-face meetings and seminars had not been easily held and the experiment had been postponed due to COVID-19, the results of the first joint research have just been published. The research shows the importance of domain-general auditory abilities compared to learners' various other explicit cognitive abilities (e.g., short-term and long-term memory) for adults’ second language acquisition. (Jeong) 
The paper: