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MonthlyFAugust 2023

202308.19 Differences in Tsunami Evacuation Decision-Making Process by Information Type(Grand Poster Prize) Posted in RESEARCH

It has been hypothesized that human decision making is based on dual process theory, i.e., logical/analytical pathways and sensory/intuitive pathways. In this study, we attempted to elucidate the neural basis of evacuation decision making by developing a task that simulates an actual earthquake and measuring brain activity during the task, focusing on evacuation decision making based on various types of information. The results of this research were presented as a poster presentation at the 13th Summer Retreat of the East Japan Research Physician Training Consortium.

This meeting consists of oral and poster presentations by undergraduate medical students engaged in research activities, and was held at Tohoku University this year. We enjoyed discussions with other students who are also undergraduate students engaged in research activities, although in completely different research fields, as well as socializing over dinner. This presentation received the Grand Prize in the poster presentation category. (Takubo)