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202306.01 Dynamic interface between explicit and implicit knowledge in second language (Paper Publication) Posted in RESEARCH

Understanding the interface between explicit and implicit grammatical knowledge in second language (L2) acquisition requires the development of effective tasks that make use of implicit knowledge. However, behavioral methods are limited when it comes to understanding the cognitive processing involved in tasks commonly used in L2 acquisition. To overcome this limitation, this study used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to examine the brain activity of advanced L2 speakers of Japanese living in Japan during an elicited imitation task. Results showed that the involvement of explicit and implicit knowledge varied with the type of cognitive activity during the task and the learner's proficiency level. This study is scientifically significant in demonstrating the differential involvement of implicit and explicit knowledge in a language task by integrating behavioral and neuroscientific methods. The results were published in Research Methods in Applied Linguistics. (Jeong)
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fMRI reveals the dynamic interface between explicit and implicit knowledge recruited during elicited imitation task