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202212.16 Celebration and Farewell Party for Dr. Ishibashi, Ms. Yoshida, and Mr. Takubo Posted in EVENT

We held a farewell party for Dr. Ishibashi (Assistant Professor), and Ms. Yoshida (B3) and Mr. Takubo (B3) to celebrate their successful completion of medical basic training. It was almost the first time since the pandemic started that a large group of people were able to gather in the same room.
Thank you Dr. Ishibashi, who has been with us for more than 5 years since July 2017!
Congratulations to Ms. Yoshida(B3) and Mr. Takubo(B3) who successfully completed their training!
It is always hard to say goodbye, but we always look forward to seeing you again😭! (from all the members in Sugiura Lab.)