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202209.17 Cognitive Neuroscience to Understand the Problem of Avoidance Facilities (Conference Workshop) Posted in RESEARCH

In the case of so-called avoidance facility issues, such as the construction of waste treatment plants, the local residents, who are regarded as the "parties concerned," are often given a high evaluation of their right to make decisions (legitimacy). Although this tendency, called "superior justification of the parties," is often taken for granted as "a matter of course," it can lead to the loss of public interest and a situation of shared poverty, as various public facilities that are regarded as avoidance facilities cannot be located there. It has been speculated that intuitive moral judgments are involved behind this dominance of non-rational parties, and this study tested this hypothesis using functional MRI.
The results of this research were presented at the 68th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Group Dynamics Association (held online). (Oba)