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MonthlyFFebruary 2024

202402.01 How Disaster Prevention Videos Contribute to Tsunami Evacuation(Paper publication) Posted in RESEARCH

Disaster education through videos is widely used to promote evacuation from earthquakes and tsunamis. Some videos explain the mechanisms of earthquakes and tsunamis, and others explain how to evacuate. However, it has not been clarified how these videos contribute to tsunami evacuation behavior.
In this study, we tested and verified the effect of viewing actual disaster education videos on tsunami evacuation behavior using a tsunami evacuation simulation task that we developed separately. We found that the subjective motivation for evacuation was enhanced by the evaluation of the viewed educational videos. The simulation task also revealed that the viewing of educational videos may increase risk-sensitive attitude, especially during evacuation, which may contribute to evacuation behavior.
These results were published in the Journal of Disaster Research Special Issue on Literacy for Disaster Resilience: Building a Societal Capacity for Reducing Disasters Due to Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption. Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption. (Takubo)