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202401.30 Social interaction make second language more emotional! An fMRI Study (Paper publication) Posted in RESEARCH

It has been reported that bilinguals experience different emotions when using different languages. The second language (L2) is often perceived as less emotional than the first language (L1), possibly due to a lack of natural social interaction in L2. Our study investigates whether and how social interactions influence the processing of emotional words in L2 using fMRI. The results show that L2 speakers who engage in more social interactions in daily life activate more emotion-related brain areas (i.e., the amygdala and ventral striatum) when processing emotional words in L2. This finding suggests that L2 learners process emotional words in L2 more deeply and highlights the importance of social interaction in acquiring an emotionally rich vocabulary. These research findings were published in the journal "Language, Cognition, and Neuroscience. (Chunlin)

As a publication ranked in the top 10% of its field, we have received 'Open Access' support from Tohoku University.