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202404.26 21st Human Neuroscience Seminar: Emotion, Music, Language, and Social Cognitive Neuroscience Posted in EVENT

During the 21st Human Brain Science Seminar, we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Francesca M.M. Citron from Lancaster University, UK. The seminar was conducted on the theme of "Social Cognitive Neuroscience of Emotion, Music, and Language." We are particularly grateful for Dr. Citron’s excellent talk, which greatly enriched our understanding. Two students from our lab presented their latest fMRI experimental results on the cognition of music and the relationship between emotion and language. The seminar featured lively discussions on music, emotions, language, and culture, making it an exceptionally stimulating event. (Jeong)

Date: Friday, April 26th, 2024, 14:30 `17:20
Venue: Seminar room, Department of Human Brain science,
3F Smart-Aging Research Center building, IDAC, Tohoku University
14:30 – 15:30  Presentation by students
Speaker 1 – Momoyo Tsuchiya (M2)
Exploring the Brain Mechanisms Underlying Sad Music Preference 
Speaker 2 – Chunlin Liu (D3)
The Effect of Emotional Facial Cues on L2 Emotional Word Learning: An fMRI Study

15:50-17:20 Special lecture
Dr. Francesca M.M. Citron,
Lancaster University, Department of Psychology
Neurophysiological correlates of figurative language comprehension and emotional engagement