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MonthlyFOctober 2021

202110.05 The Effect of L2 Proficiency in Grammatical Processing: An fMRI Study (slide slam presentation, virtual edition) Posted in RESEARCH

Second language (L2) proficiency plays a significant role in the determination of native-like language behavior. However, it was unclear whether high L2 proficiency would lead to a native-like brain mechanism in grammatical processing. In an fMRI study, we found L2 learners of Japanese recruited brain regions differed from native Japanese speakers for processing grammatical information. Nonetheless, L2 learners who obtained higher Japanese proficiency recruited brain activation relevant to grammar computation (i.e., left inferior frontal gyrus) as native speakers. 
I presented the finding of our study at the 13th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language (virtual edition).  I've received lots of insightful comments from other researchers during the virtual conference. (Cui Haining)