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201909.11 What makes meaning of gnowh (symposium) Posted in RESEARCH

How is our “now” and its value constructed in the brain? Presentations from three cognitive neuroscientists working on this issue in different domains, namely, perception, memory and social cognition, were followed by questions from two psychologists to raise integrative discussion in a symposium in the 83rd annual meeting of the Japanese Psychological Association (Ritsumeikan University, Osaka). Demonstration of the feasibility of such integrative discussion promised its future contribution to various social issues (IT, aging, change in group consciousness, etc.).(Sugiura)

  • Koichi Toida (Tohoku University): Adaptive adjustment of the time window of "now" -Perceptual characteristics of sensory feedback with physical movement -
  • Saeko Iwata (Kyoto University): Functional network between cortex and hippocampus involved in the encoding of “now”
  • Yukihito Yomogita (National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry): Elucidation of the brain mechanism of changes in "social value"
  • Kohei Masumoto (Kobe University)
  • Makoto Ichikawa (Chiba University)