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202401.16 Cognitive Neuroscience Application Center, Tohoku University to be established in April 2024 Posted in INFORMATION

Applied cognitive neuroscience is a field that aims to utilize comprehensive knowledge based on cognitive neuroscience by integrating the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Cognitive Neuroscience Application Center (CogNAC), which aims to create, disseminate, and socially implement this field, will be established as a hybrid research and education organization at Tohoku University on April 1, 2024.

Through collaboration between three Application Research Divisions and Research-Education Strategy Division, the Center will promote joint industry-academia-government research in various fields, develop educational programs and foster human resources through such research, with the aim of solving social issues arising from problems of the human mind and co-creating a better society.

  • Social Application Research Division is responsible for elucidating the workings of the human mind behind social issues and designing systems related to healthcare, welfare, family, community, business, labor, education, and other areas.
  • Engineering Application Research Division develops new products and services based on the understanding of the human mind, leading to the social implementation of information technology and the engineering solution of social issues.
  • Educational Application Research Division designs educational systems (hardware and software) based on the understanding of the human mind in order to address social issues through education and training.
  • Research-Education Strategy Division is responsible for the construction of educational curricula, development of programs and tools, and support of joint research and education in Application Research Dividions.
We welcome your participation and support in the Center's activities. iSugiura)