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List of events

21st Human Neuroscience Seminar: Emotion, Music, Language, and Social Cognitive NeurosciencePosted in EVENT


During the 21st Human Brain Science Seminar, we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Francesca M.M. Citro

Welcome party for new members (evening session)Posted in EVENT


A welcome party was held for Dr Okamoto and Dr Sakaki, who are newly came to Sugiura Lab from 2024.

CogNAC fMRI Lecture Series1: What can we do with fMRI?Posted in EVENT


For beginners in fMRI research, the lecture was provide (1) an overview of fMRI research, (2) exampl

Welcome & Congratulations PartyPosted in EVENT


We welcomed new members, Takagi-san, Nogoshi-san, DENILSON-san, and Kurokawa-san, to the Sugihara La

Instruction for dStream Flex L coilPosted in EVENT


dStream Flex L coil for MR coil was installed in the MRI scanner at our cenger. An expert from Ph

Thinking about Self-Transformation in an AI Society in Three Layers (Workshop Presentation)Posted in EVENT


How will the "self" be transformed in a society where new technologies such as generative

Do Fathers and Mothers Have Different Emotional Bonds to Their Children - A Brain Science Perspective (Symposium)Posted in EVENT


Researchers from multiple fields discussed whether the process of forming emotional bonds to childre

How fMRI Approaches to Unseen Self-Transformation (Symposium Lecture)Posted in EVENT


What does adaptive "self" transformation look like in a society with pervasive artificial

Farewell & Celebration (entering doctoral program) partyPosted in EVENT


We held a farewell party and a celebration for those entering doctoral programs. At the farewell par

Law and Political Science ~ Brain Science (Symposium)Posted in EVENT


The human mind and behavior involved in the development and operation of a sound legal system play a

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