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List of events

Welcome & Congratulations PartyPosted in EVENT


We welcomed new members, Takagi-san, Nogoshi-san, DENILSON-san, and Kurokawa-san, to the Sugihara La

Thinking about Self-Transformation in an AI Society in Three Layers (Workshop Presentation)Posted in EVENT


How will the "self" be transformed in a society where new technologies such as generative

Do Fathers and Mothers Have Different Emotional Bonds to Their Children - A Brain Science Perspective (Symposium)Posted in EVENT


Researchers from multiple fields discussed whether the process of forming emotional bonds to childre

How fMRI Approaches to Unseen Self-Transformation (Symposium Lecture)Posted in EVENT


What does adaptive "self" transformation look like in a society with pervasive artificial

Farewell & Celebration (entering doctoral program) partyPosted in EVENT


We held a farewell party and a celebration for those entering doctoral programs. At the farewell par

Law and Political Science ~ Brain Science (Symposium)Posted in EVENT


The human mind and behavior involved in the development and operation of a sound legal system play a

Toward more efficient research ethics review (Symposium presentation)Posted in EVENT


Blindly imposing medical ethics review on a wide variety of "human subjects research" may

Body image: where does it come from? (20th Human Brain Science Seminar)Posted in EVENT


How is one's mental body image created? Dr. Katri Cornelissen, a leading expert in cognitive neu

Toward understanding consumer decision-making structure (Symposium)Posted in EVENT


Various factors influence consumers' decisions to purchase products and services. Can brain scie

Research exchange at the 7th IDAC RetreatPosted in EVENT


I participated in the 7th IDAC Retreat. I presented the current status of my research on the brain b

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