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List of events

Common background cognitive factors for religiosity and widespread human diffusion? (Invited talk)Posted in EVENT


Is there a common cognitive control process behind human religiosity and the Great Journey of humank


Welcome party for Tsuchiya-san and Shirahama-sanPosted in EVENT


We held a party during lunch to welcome two new members into Sugiura lab: Tsuchiya-san and Shirahama


Celebration Party for Jeong Sensei!Posted in EVENT


We held celebration party for Prof.Jeong. Congratulations! We believe this is just the  beginni


Farewell party for Dr. ObaPosted in EVENT


We held a farewell party for Dr. Oba. We sincerely wish you continued success in your new position!


Farewell Party for Oba Sensei & Celebration of Morizane San's new job(Hybrid)Posted in EVENT


We had a farewell party for Oba Sensei, who stayed in our lab for 6 years, and celebration of Moriza


Why are we motivated to keep talking over each other ? (Poster Presenation)Posted in EVENT


In daily lives, human communicate with each other and have variable topics of conversation according


Farewell party (Motohashi and Kiden)Posted in EVENT


We held a farewell party for Motohashi (Master's course student, Graduate School of Medicine) an


30th IDAC Young Investigator Award, Tohoku UniversityPosted in EVENT


I received the 30th IDAC Young Investigator Award, Tohoku University. I am very honored to be select


School of Medicine 2022 Basic Medical Training Achievement PresentationPosted in EVENT


The presentation of the achievements of this year's basic medical training was held, and the two


Motor-sensory integration and self-transcendence: cognitive neuroscience connects disaster research and lifelong science (Conference lecture)Posted in EVENT


Self-transcendence refers to the sense and idea of expansion beyond the boundaries of the self in va

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