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About Lab

Research targets

  • We challenge various new research topics related to humanity.
  • Each researcher is studying a theme of his / her interest.
  • See Research outlinefor our ongoing research.

Research facilities

  • Brain / physiological measurement: 3T-MRI / Heart rate / Various major physiological indexes
  • Stimulus presentation (MRI compatible): Visual / Auditory / Odor / Ambient temperature
  • Response / behavioral recording (MRI compatible): Buttons / Microphone (noise canceling) / Keyboard
  • Variety of other facilities are available. Do not hesitate to ask: []

Graduate students

  • We accept master and doctoral students as collaborative courses (General Course in Medical Sciences) of Tohoku University School of Medicine.
  • We accept students with various backgrounds regardless of the humanities and sciences.
  • Academic discussions in English, but conversational level Japanese is required for administrative work and communication with experimental participants.
  • Do not hesitate to ask, including lab visit:

Joint research

Donation of research or educational funds